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Corrosion Inhibitors

Benzotriazole, Tolyltriazole, Tolyltriazole Solution, Benzimidazole

  • have excellent thermal and oxidative stability, as well as UV-light resistance.
  • form a very strong bound protection film on Copper, its alloys and other metals and thus
       guarantee a long-term protection against corrosion and tarnishing (chemisorptive activity).
  • do not influence the original appearance of the metal and leave no greasy film. The protection
       coat is wipe resistant and withstands cleaning with water and many organic solvents.
  • are the classical passivators in the metal industry.
  • do not reduce the heat transfer between metals and cooling water.
  • protect the metal in open and closed cooling water circuits by building a barrier.
  • are ecologically safe and low toxic : the activity of decomposition of biological sewage plants
       is not influenced by the usual, very small application concentrations (up to ca. 100 mg/l. ).
  • no disadvantageous effect to the electric property of treated metal surfaces. Rather
       processes like soldering, coating, welding and electrolytic treatment will be facilitated and
  • have passivating effects and reduce the catalytic corrosion influence of copper/metal ions.
  • can be well combined with other corrosion inhibitors like Borax, Molybdates, Nitrates,
       Nitrites, Phosphates, Silicates, Sodium Benzoate and organic phosphorus combinations
       and increase their effectiveness.
  • offer corrosion protection also by steam phase inhibition.
  • are already effective from 0,001 % and thus are very economically.
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    chem. basis 1,2,3,-Benzotriazole Fine Granular, purest


    chem. basis Tolyltriazole Bright Granular, purest


    chem. basis Tolyltriazole 50 % Sodium Salt Solution


    chem. basis Benzimidazole , purest


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    Benzotriazol, Tolyltriazol, Benzimidazol, Chemicals


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    metal protection, silver protection, anti-corrosion

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    metal protection, silver protection, anti-corrosion

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